Coehill Drive, Swansea, Bloor West Village, Toronto, Ontario- Back Two Storey Deck and Basement Addition

This project consisted of a Basement addition and walkout, and two storey back deck addition over the basement with stairs

to the two upper level decks and an exterior doorway at each new deck level into the existing house at each floor above grade.


This project is in the Bloor West/Swansea/High Park Area. Over looking Catfish (or the West Pond)

close to Grenader Pond that is at High Park.


This project required Committee of Adjustment and Building Permit. Both were obtained.

The contractor on this job was not the greatest. Even with a deck you need someone who knows how to construct.

To this day many years later I doubt there was a final inspection by the Building Department.

Otherwise a good project. But could have been a lot better. Get a contractor who is good.




Picture of the new 2 storey deck and basement addition with walkout.

Existing house behind attached is a triplex (3 separate apartments).

Stair case of deck serves as access and additional exit for all 3 floors.

There is a parking lot and garage beyond (behind where the picture was taken from)

and stairs also serve as direct access to tenants cars.

Behind the parking lot and garage there is a beautiful yard with huge old trees,

a ravine and Catfish pond that leads up to Rennie Park and borders with Ellis Ave and

Grenadier Pond at High Park.

Contractor could have been a little bit better then the one the client hired to build it.

I am surprised the city inspector did not raise concerns.



Site Plan