Things to Consider by the client

During the design phase a number of things should be done/considered by the client:

Existing Property Land Survey by OLS

If you do not have an existing property survey (with your property lines shown and house location) then a proper Survey should be acquired from a registered OLS (Ontario Land Surveyor). If your land is not more or less level you should consider getting the grade heights (datum levels) put on your survey by your OLS also. If there is exterior work or additions to an existing property the city will require a copy of your legal survey. They may have one in their archives. Depending.

Soils Test

A soils test should be done as required. Failure of a foundation to support a building because of bad soils determined after construction has begun or long after it ended without consent or refusal of the client to pay for a soils test before hand would not be the fault of the designer or engineer, and/or possibly the contractor. Most designs would assume basic minimum soils conditions as required by code.

This is a client item to pay for and would be a separate contractor the client hires, which is not related to the construction contractor or the designer. If your area is suspect to bad soils it is a good idea. I have had clients, and myself, obtain soils test for around $500 depending on whom you use.

Preliminary Zoning Review

A Preliminary review to insure Zoning approval before Permit Application is a very good idea and will save you time during the permit process. This is a service provided by CADTech.

Budget & Construction Costs

A cost analysis or quotations should be gathered. This can be done by submitting the drawings to a number of contractors for ball park prices during the design stage.

For your rough estimate, without a contractor quote, a round number of $100.00/SF is safe to use but now a days is a little light. But your costs could range from say approximately $50.00/SF to $200.00/SF, or more. Prices will vary depending on finishes and how grand your tastes and what you plan to include in your final materials and fixtures of construction, the design, and the type of contractor of course.

For example are you including carpets, light fixtures, faucets, door hardware, trim, flooring, appliances, paint, etc. in your final construction budget? If so what level of kitchen sink faucet would you say you are planning to select? Are you considering landscaping in your budget? The price range of items in your home renovation, or addition can vary a fair bit in price & quality.

A construction budget estimate can be prepared by CADTech at an additional fee.

Design & Permit Fees

A client needs to consider these fees in their overall budget. Fees will vary depending on whatís required. See the link on Fees.