Cottingham St., Forest Hill, Toronto, Ontario -Renovation & Additions


First floor addition, sunroom, interior renovations, roof deck and dormer.


This project consisted of an Interior Renovation of all floors, a total redo of the kitchen with a first floor addition onto the back and side of the house at the kitchen with a new sunroom.


A bathroom remodel, an additional 2 new bathrooms, skylights, new third floor deck with third floor dormer addition.


Required Committee of Adjustment/Hearing and Building Permit Approvals. All were obtained.


The approximate construction cost of $120,000 (in 2003), renovating a 4500 sf semidetached house in the Forest Hill area of Toronto.

The general contractor  was Richway Construction Ltd.
























Basement and Ground Floor Plans


Second and Third Floor Plans




Building Sections


Building Sections


Kitchen Millwork Design


3rd floor Bathroom and 1st floor powder room.


One of the detail sheets.


Detail sheet.