DeForest Rd. , Swansea, Bloor West Village, Toronto, Ontario


One storey rear addition, w/ basement, interior stair, and kitchen renovation.



Process was longer the expected to obtain permit for very small square footage. A vibration permit was required,

based on construction proximity to the property lines and the neighbours driveway, and the fears of the neighbours

not allowing the client’s contractors to grant access on their drive to do some of the work. Shoring was required up

against the existing driveway for the new excavation work and leaving the existing driveway untouched.

In the end it appears that the neighbours are fine with things, as long as the client obtained the required permits.


The process of final agreement with the client also took time. Many different design options were

produced for them before a final design was chosen and the final permit/construction drawings were started.

The design they did chose was a little more costly and contributed to the Vibration Control Permit

being requested by the city. I gave them design options to avoid this but they did not choose any of those options.

I produced for them what they wanted most and as per their first desires from the beginning.

Regardless the consequence of budget and construction issues.

As long as the client understands this beforehand and agrees then we are all fine.








New foundation for new back addition. Existing house in background.

Shoring and hoarding in the background also where existing neighbours driveway is located.


New foundation wall just in side the property line and aligned with existing foundation wall.

Shoring lagging and shoring piles @ the property line against the neighbours driveway.

This is to keep driveway from collapse during excavation and keeping the new work area safe,

and the neighbours happy. Extra costs for lagging and shoring to the client and design fee.


New foundation wall attaching to existing stone foundation. Anchor bolts for sill plates exposed.

Excavation reveals existing below ground level soils conditions are mostly sand.

No existing weeping tiles to connect. Soils engineer was required to write a letter.

Special permission was required to eliminate new weeping tiles, since there was nothing to connect to.



Framing and sheathing in place. Preparation for a new window in the existing brick wall underway.

New rough opening for new doorway is seen here and construction access opening on the right side.


View of the roof framing looking from inside the future new space below the new ceiling.

Existing wall to kitchen beyond not yet totally removed and boarded up.


Rough framing at sunset.


Site Plan


Floor Plans






Wall Sections