Essex St., Toronto, Ontario

Second storey back addition, over an existing first floor kitchen.


Second storey addition is an extra high space with lots of glass facing east.

Project made use of helical piles to reinforce the existing foundations and avoid underpinning of the neighbours.

The existing kitchen below was able to be left more or less as is except for a new ceiling.

In this project because their was special soils conditions and the helical piles were required a

structural engineer was also used on the project.



This is a view of the new second storey addition near completion in the winter time, from the back lane.


As the addition is so large you canít really capture it from the backyard, or behind the large garage.

The existing garage is the basically the full width of the lot.

It requires viewing off to the side further away from the property.


New addition near completion in winter time.


New addition near completion in winter time side view.


Some of the drawings are shown below:


First, Second, and Roof Plans




Building Sections, finishes schedule, door and window schedule


Wall Sections and details.