Foxridge Drive, Scarborough, Ontario


This project consisted of a single storey large family room with complete basement at the back of the house, a new

attached extra long garage and pool house addition onto an existing two storey house with basement.


An existing garage was demolished as part of the work.

Client was a fireman.


Building Permit was required and obtained.


The house is located in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.


New garage attached at the side of the existing house. Picture looking from the front of the house.†††††††††


Front of the existing house with the new attached garage. This is a partial side view of the garage,

with a new side entrance man door that was relocated from the older location.



Close up view of the front of the new garage. Mason was able to match the existing brick,

and the split faced masonry concrete block around the garage door to be the same as the existing front door.

Looks almost like it was built at the same time.†††††††


Side view of the existing house with a partial view of the side of the

new single storey addition at the back, behind a new fence.


Close up view of the side of the new back addition.



Back yard view of the house with the new single storey addition with family room, back of garage,

and new pool house. Pool is only partially seen here in the picture and is in taken the winter time.

New low backdeck and landscaping. Itís a beautiful spot for the suburbs of Scarborough.

Backs onto forest and very large cemetery. Itís very private from the back.

The existing 2 storey house is in behind above the new first floor addition roof line. The client raised the roof

line here . A little more then should have been. Overhang of the roof was to provide some shade in

the summer months but was lost with the raising of the roof. Should be about 8-12Ē lower.



Some of the drawings:



Site Plan


Basement and First Floor Plans††††††



Second Floor & Roof Plan