Lake Simcoe Cottage, Ramara Township (Near Orillia), Ontario††††††††††††††††

Single storey front addition to cottage on piers.


This project was a 320 SF (16í x 20í) one room lake facing addition, with cathedral ceiling,

to an existing 3 bedroom cottage in the Township of Ramara area, on Lake Simcoe.


This is a total hands on job - where I am the builder, designer, and owner of my own cottage addition

(the existing portion of the cottage is to be torn down and to be rebuilt at later dates).

All of the permits were obtained by myself, including Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority approvals.


The final view in the large front yard just beyond the cedar hedge.


Start of wall framing with help from my neighbours kids!



Sheathing time.


Big thumbs up help from my youngest son (time flys!).

Getting the cross tie beams in place at the future cathedral ceiling.


Framing the roof at dusk


On top of my world.



Front Yard shot




My self working at the eaves of the roof.


Front sheathing of the future cottage.


Marvin Windows truck delivering literally at the front door (before itís installed of course).


Windows in and building wrap applied to sheathing.


Cottage in the trees. Note the octagon window I originally wanted to be round but found to expensive.

I wish now I had gone with the round. However trimming around a octagon is way easier then a circle!!

Think about it. Unless you have a steamer to curve the wood on itís edge or cut down from extra wide planks.


Cottage before the wrap around deck and stairs.




Young building inspector in training.



Top deck boards completed in winter time. With foil faced insulation boards applied to outside.


The cedar siding installation is nearing completion in this image.



A view towards the lake in the distance.


Front deck stairs near completion. Tempered glass guard infill panels.


Some of the Drawings


Site Plan


Floor Plans




Wall Sections