Main St., East York, Toronto, Ontario

This project consisted of a one room second floor addition overtop of an existing single storey

kitchen addition at the back of the exisitng house. With the removal of an existing chimney,

and adding a new back deck onto the back of the existing two storey house.


Building Permit was required and obtained.


The house is located in the East York area of Danforth Ave. and Main St.



Photo shot from the neighbours back yard.  This is the new second floor addition over an existing kitchen.

To take a picture from within the property is to close to capture the whole work.

There is also a new back deck onto the existing kitchen with the new second floor addition over top.


A shot further away, among the trees. Back yard of site overlooks some other backyards,

a ravine and a dog walk park. Total forest and green in the summer.


The window here was taken from the existing house in behind and reused at the new exterior wall.




Site Plan


Floor Plans


Roof Plan and Elevations


Side Elevations