Queen St. East, Downtown Toronto, Ontario

Queen St East Interior Renovation/Addition.


Interior Renovations and a 2-1/2 storey back addition to an existing row house on Queen St East.


All the interiors were gutted. New fire rated party walls were constructed.

Reinforcing and replacing of the existing wood frame structure was extensive.

Existing termite damage was dealt with and sprayed for, and treated wood against termites was used at certain spots.

A new two storey addition was placed on the back with a new roof deck at the 3rd floor or ˝ level.

The deck is accessed by a new stair case that was part of a replacement of all the existing stairs in the house, and skylight/dormer

placed at the top level of the new open riser staircase to allow light to pour down into the middle of the house.

The street face has existing windows revised into small double door “Juilette Balconies” as well as larger double

“french door” version juilette balconies @ the back elevation on the second level.

It also has two new bathrooms and a new kitchen. 



Street view from Queen St. Excuse the garbage bins and the snow. Row house has existing north facing front.


Close up view of the Queen St. juilette balconies and new doors where the existing windows used to be.

The stone is fake, covers and hides old existing brick and a number of old sins on the exterior.



Back of the house view in winter time. Cladding material concept was changed during construction by the client.

It had been agreed to be EIFS or stucco with reveals originally.



Back of the house view in winter time. This shot shows the two existing houses each side. There is approx 2’

of space between this house and the house to the right until the houses join together closer to the front.

There was an existing 2 storey back addition here that was turn down that came out to the same plain as

the existing house on the right.


Back of the house view in wintertime from the playground in behind.


Some of the drawings:


Site Plan and zoning info.


Floor plans


Row house Elevations (front and back) and roof plans.


Building Sections and one side Partial of the new addition (attached to one neighbour only).


Building Sections


Stair drawings.


Wall Sections/Details.


Wall Sections/Details.


Wall Sections/Details.