Radford Ave., Bloor West Village, Toronto, Ontario

3rd Floor Addition and interior renovations of a 2 storey house in the High Park/Roncesvailles area.


Existing gable roof was mostly removed, new stairs and new 3rd floor structure was added.

New roof lines as per the client direction was created.

New 3rd floor bathroom, master bedroom, and third floor study. Bedrooms on 2nd floor below remained

except for the addition of the new stair from the second to the new third floor.


Final roofline design was dictated by the client’s requests, and existing neighbours house and their existing

skylight that they did not want to have obstructed from the rays of the sun.


There was a Committee of Adjustment hearing that I attended and dealt with,

and the minor variance application for increased area over the zoning requirement was approved.

Client did some of the construction themselves along with a company called Metric Construction I believe.





Some of the drawings:


Exterior Elevations

Floor plans and schedules.

Wall Sections.