Guarantee of Permit:


That ‘s correct. Exactly what it says.


CADTech / Churchill Design guarantees you your permit.


If the city has a problem with something we have on our drawings we will revise at not charge until it’s correct for the city/ municipality to approve and issue you your permit. This is true in either the zoning stage, or the permit stage, or both. We will make it right for you.


There is no “we failed” to get your permit, but you have to pay us the full fees still…


As long as the client understands that we must conform to code and zoning by-laws. The drawings and the design must reflect this in order to get approvals. The design must conform to zoning. It will be our job to guide the client through this process, and guide the design to conformity.


A Committee of Adjustment process, if the client chooses to do so, is a slightly different thing. This is a process in which all parties understand that the design desired does not conform to the zoning by-laws and the client wishes to try to get a Minor Variance to go over and above the zoning restrictions. This is a legal process zoning wise to stretch the rules.


Building Code wise, which is separate from the zoning regulations, is slightly different story. Generally speaking all things code related must be abided by to get permit approvals, inspector approvals, and final legal occupancy and use of the building.